Updated Tuesday 28th March 2017

Full details of specification for outfits can be found at the bottom of the page

Hoodie and Cords set      Ref: T 054             Sold

IMG 0863   IMG 0864
Doll and shoes not included

'Superman' Pyjamas set      Ref: T 056       Sold

IMG 0868   IMG 0867
 Doll and shoes not included

Hoodie, Skirt and Tights set     Ref: T058     Sold

IMG 0869   IMG 0870
NEW! Tights for toddlers are not made from socks!They are constructed from lightweight jersey fabric and are seamed and shaped to fit the body shape and have an elasticated top.
 Doll and shoes not included

Hoodie and Joggers set       Ref: T 059     Sold

IMG 0874   IMG 0882
 Doll and shoes not included

Pyjamas set      Ref: T 060       Sold

IMG 0875   IMG 0876
Doll, prop and shoes not included 

Hoodie, Skirt and Tights set        Ref: T 061           Sold

IMG 0880   IMG 0881
 Doll and shoes not included

Furry Coat         Ref: T 062        Sold

IMG 0878   IMG 0877
 Doll, tights and shoes not included

Sweatshirt and Joggers set         Ref: T 063        Sold

IMG 0749   IMG 0750
 Doll, prop and shoes not included

 Hoodie, white       Ref: BT 001 (white)     Sold

IMG 0739   
Doll and shoes not included

 Jeans, medium denim      Ref: T 001 (medium denim)     Sold

Joggers, grey marl     Ref: T 003 ( grey marl)    Sold

IMG 0740   IMG 0744
 Doll, prop and shoes not included

Toddler Cords     Ref: T 002        - All Sold

IMG 0745   IMG 0758
 T 002 Grey  Sold                                              T 002 Pinky Mauve Sold
Doll, prop and shoes not included
IMG 0751   IMG 0754
 T 002 Red   Sale Pending                                                      T 002 Blue Sold
Doll, prop and shoes not included
IMG 0755   IMG 0756
 T 002 Petrol    Sold                                                   T 002 Grey-Blue  Sold
Doll, prop and shoes not included
IMG 0759   IMG 0760
 T 002 Teal Green     Sold                             T 002 Kiwi    Sale Pending
Doll, prop and shoes not included
The toddlers' hoodies, hats, leggings, t-shirts and sweatshirts are made from high quality cotton interlock jersey fabric or a cotton jersey mix. Hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts open right down the back, and in the case of hoodies, into the hood, to allow plenty of head room and easy dressing. They are fastened with tiny press studs which are hand-sewn. Leggings, jersey shorts and jogging bottoms are elasticated at the waist with soft elastic to give a flat finish. Embroidered motifs are generally embroidered directly on to the fabric by machine, although in rare cases, an iron-on appliqué motif may be used. Furry jackets are made from soft plush fabric and are unlined. Where buttons are used, these are applied on top of press studs in preference to buttonholes. Toddler jeans are made from lightweight denim fabric and cords from cotton babycord. Both have an elasticated waist. Care should be taken not to expose vinyl directly to any dark-coloured fabrics as this may result in staining and although although all denim fabrics used for Dollydoodles clothing has been washed thoroughly beforehand to remove any obvious dye residue, it is not possible to predict the effects of fabrics in contact with the vinyl over a period of time

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