Updated Wednesday 29th March 2017

Zipped Hoodie, pink       Ref: SG 003 (pink)       £22  Sale Pending

  IMG 0967   IMG 0968
Doll and shoes not included. Items available separately

   Snoopy Hoodie        Ref: SS 211           Sold

    Jeggings           Ref: S 007          Sold

IMG 0951   IMG 0952 

A detailed image of Sasha's stretch denim jeggings is can be seen further down the page

Doll and shoes not included

  Gilet, red heart print    Ref: SS 213    Sold    

      IMG 0973   IMG 0971         

Sasha's gilet is lined with white strawberry print fabric

 Doll and shoes not included. Items for sale separately

NEW! Jeans with Pockets and Studs    Ref: SG 016    Sold

IMG 0924   IMG 0923
Sasha and Gregor's new jeans feature not only a slightly narrower cut, but have REAL pockets! They open at the front fly and fasten with a tiny press stud hidden under the stud
Doll and shoes not included

Gilet, pink spot       Ref: SS 218       £18   Sale Pending

 IMG 0780   IMG 0949      
Sasha's gilet is lined with a pretty pink rosbud print on a white background
Doll not included

Hoodie, cerise star print       Ref: SS 217     Sold

IMG 0954   IMG 0953 
Doll, jeans and shoes not included 

 Gilet, ivory with fur trim     Ref: SS 214     Sold

Sweatshirt, ivory     Ref: SG 004 (ivory)     Sold

    IMG 0980   IMG 0979
Doll, jeans and shoes not included. Items my be purchased separately

Gilet, blue spot         Ref: SS 220       Sold

  IMG 0782   IMG 0947
Sasha's gilet is lined in white with a tiny blue flower print
Doll and jeans not included, Items may be purchased separately

   Hoodie, pink     Ref: SG 005 (pink)    Sold

Hoodie, dark pink        Ref: SG 005 (dark pink)      Sold 

  IMG 0960   IMG 0958
Doll, jeans, jeggings and shoes not included. Items available separately

     Hoodie, ivory and pink stripe       Ref: SS 219      Sold

IMG 0969   IMG 0970
Doll, jeans and shoes not included  

   Gilet, pink with fur trim      Ref: SS 214        Sold

Gilet, pale blue with fur trim      Ref: SS 215       Sold

Sweatshirt, ivory     Ref: SG 004 (ivory)     Sold

IMG 0981   IMG 0983
Doll, shoes and other clothing not included  

    Pyjamas, ivory butterfly print        Ref: SS 212         Sold

   IMG 0978
Not a new line. Just another step forwards in my efforts to de-clutter! These pyjamas hold the record for the longest wait ever to have press studs sewn on - probably over three years, which is why they are being offered at a bargain price. I won't be making any more as another of our Sasha dressmakers caters for Sasha's nightwear needs, and I do not steal other people's ideas or impose on their market!
Doll not included.

      Hoodie, green and taupe stripe          Ref: SS 220        Sold

   IMG 0956   IMG 0957
Doll, and jeans not included    

Hoodie, blue spot      Ref: SS 221       Sold

IMG 0964   IMG 0963
Doll, jeggings and shoes not included

Outfit Specifications

Sasha's hoodies, leggings, sweatshirts and t-shirts are made from high quality cotton or cotton mix jersey fabrics. Hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts open right down the back and in the case of hoodies, into the hood, to allow easy dressing and adequate headroom. They are fastened with tiny press studs attached securely by hand. Hoodies feature a cord threaded through metal eyelets. Embroidered motifs, when used, are embroidered directly on to fabric using an embroidery machine. Where zips are used, these are functioning and open ended. Gilets are made from lightweight cotton or cotton mix fabrics, which are individually quilted. They are fully-lined but not reversible. Leggings and jeggings have flat elasticated waists, whilst Sasha's denim jeans and cords have a front fly opening and a waistbandwhich has been carefully-designed to avoid unnecessary bulk, fastening with a small press stud. Where buttons are used, these usually conceal a tiny press stud underneath, rather than using buttonholes which are fiddly to do up. Jeggings and denim jeans have a parallel row of top-stitching in a contrast colour thread down the side seam and single rows where appropriate. Whilst denim is washed thoroughly before use to remove any dye residue, please take precautions to protect Sasha's vinyl from staining when wearing dark colours as the effect of contact with vinyl cannot be predicted over a period of time. Although Sasha was always intended to be a play doll, her clothing often contains small parts so care should be taken when given to very young children.


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