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  Last updated: Saturday 1st April 2017

To save looking on a daily basis (as I know some people do!), please note that nothing new will be added to the website until after the Sasha Celebration Weekend in mid-May
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There was great interest in the new gilets for Gregor with the furry trimming round the hood, so I have made a few more of those, as well as some for the girls. But what's new? Well, for some time I have been holding back on making jeans as I didn't like the bulky waistbands I seemed to be producing. I've been experimenting with different construction methods and at last I've come up with something acceptable. There are now two versions of jeans. Both have the new non-bulky waistband, but I've done a posh version, with proper pockets at the side and on the back, complete with authentic-looking studs, and then there's the quicker-to-make version, which has all the contrast top-stitching down the seams but no pockets, as these are often hidden under the length of hoodies and jumpers - so now there is a choice, and a price difference, as all that careful stitching round pockets is extremely time-consuming!

Although the jeans are for both Sasha and Gregor, Gregor wants to show you his new trendy skinny joggers. Although my son has long ago deserted his role as Gregor's fashion adviser, I noticed that some joggers he was wearing were substantially narrower than the ones he wore before he left home and went off to uni a few years ago. A bit of research showed me that actually, Gregor was a bit behind the times, jog pants-wise, so he is now sporting sleek new 'skinny' joggers. Consequently, my stock of original-style 'basic' joggers is available at a reduced price, and still perfectly OK for Gregors who are a bit less fussy than my guys, but then they are models ....!

I've managed to produce something for everybody this time - even the toddlers got a look-in - although a sleepsuit still seems to be missing a hat. Photography is still a bit traumatic for me, and although I have a proper studio light on loan, I wasn't helped by the sun constantly changing its mind about whether it wanted to shine or not over the last few days, so faces are sometimes in the shade! I've also decided that I'm fed up with typing things like '...fastens down the back with tiny press studs ...' on every listing - just as you must be with reading it - so I've done a general one-size-fits-all description at the bottom of each page, but of course, if there are any questions, please ask.

I'm off to see a demo of editing software for my embroidery machine this week. It will be a VERY expensive investment if it does what I hope it does - a very nice doll price! - but it will mean that I can reduce down the size of some of the beautiful designs available, which are just a bit too big to go across little chests. We shall see! Meanwhile, after I've (hopefully!) sold and posted off the latest outfits, I'm itching to get going on some of the summer fabrics. The pile of furry stuff is definitely being packed away tomorrow!

Have a good week!






Welcome to the Dollydoodles website, where you will find a variety of outfits which have been specially made for the Sasha and Gregor dolls. Although some of the Sasha dolls are around fifty years old, my designs are influenced by what young children are wearing today. Dollydoodles outfits are unique as they are made from my own patterns, from scratch and great care is taken to achieve a perfect fit. I work predominantly with cotton jersey fabric and designs often feature a machine-embroidered motif. All fabric is new and unused. Dollydoodles is just me and my sewing machine and is a hobby, not a business. Therefore, my output is limited and for this reason, I do not undertake commissions or special orders.


Dollydoodles outfits for Sasha and Gregor dolls are made for the adult collector's market and may contain small parts which make them unsuitable for playthings for very young children.


If you wish to buy an item from the website, please read purchasing instructions on the Info page and email me at the address below. The website is updated manually so there may be a time lag before an item is marked 'Sale Pending' or 'Sold', although I respond to emails as soon as possible. I am UK-based so don't forget to let me know if you are an international customer as this can hold up a purchase. Response to emails may also be delayed by time differences.

Navigating the site

The website has separate pages for each of the dolls, but basic wardrobe items are now listed together with the one-offs, on the individual doll pages.Please use the tabs along the top of the Home page to access each page. Although there will be links to pages from the menus lower down, these have not yet been set up, so will not work at present.

Please be aware that this website is updated manually and there may be some delay in items being marked as 'Sale Pending' or 'Sold' during busy periods or overnight

Please take a few moments to read through the following, which concerns ordering.

New Listings

I am very aware that demand for clothing for the Sasha and Gregor dolls far outweighs supply, and I hate having to tell would-be customers that the item they would like to buy has already been sold. Dollydoodles outfits are sold on a first come, first served principle and I do not have a regular day for listing new items. I am often asked to notify people when I am going to put new outfits on the site, but I'm afraid I always refuse as this could take all day - and what if I missed someone out?!

Commissions and Special Orders

I do not take commissions or make items to order. Dollydoodles is a hobby - or at least it is meant to be! - and my relaxation and enjoyment is in creating something new and different rather than sewing the same thing day after day. I did try commissions before I had the website, over five years ago now, but soon found it very stressful trying to keep up to date with orders as well as fitting in whatever else life threw at me. So please don't ask me to make something special - I have to be fair to everybody so however hard you plead a special case, my answer will always be 'no', and that may offend.


In the interests of fairness, I would like to discourage the practice of buying Dollydoodles outfits for the purpose of reselling. Of course, once an item has been sold, the buyer is entitled to do as they like with it, but it seems to me to be very unfair when 'customers' are buying several outfits at a time purely for the purpose of reselling them, whilst other would-be purchasers miss out time and time again. Please note that if it comes to my notice (or is brought to my notice, as has happened),that an opportunist is at work, then I will refuse to sell to that person, or to any person making purchases on their behalf.

Information regarding procedure for ordering and shipping can be found on the Info page





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