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Contemporary Dolls Clothing for Sasha, Gregor and the Sasha Babies
Last updated: 24th August 2014


Dollydoodles is having a facelift!

I am having the website rebuilt. If you access the website via a bookmark, you may find that this no longer works. Once the new website is fully organised and operational, there will be separate pages within the Boutique for Sasha, Gregor, the toddlers and the babies and it should be much easier to navigate. When the new website is up and running, you may need to access it for the first time via the domain name - www.dollydoodles.co.uk - and then make a new bookmark for future use.



Welcome to the Dollydoodles website, where you will find a variety of outfits which have been specially made for Sasha and Gregor dolls.

Although some of the Sasha dolls are around fifty years old, my designs are influenced by what young children are wearing today. Dollydoodles outfits are unique as they are made from my own patterns, from scratch, and I try out and change each new design until it is a perfect fit. I work predominantly with cotton jersey fabrics. All fabrics are new and seams are neatened with matching thread, although there are exceptions as sometimes, stretch fabrics are best left alone as they don't fray and neatening will distort the outfit. Dollydoodles is just me, with my trusty sewing machine, so my output is limited and for this reason, I cannot undertake commissions or special orders. All items bear a Dollydoodles label and can only be bought new from this website.

I have divided Dollydoodles outfits into two ranges - the Special Editions and the Basics - so please make sure you look at both pages! Items in the Basics range are often repeated, but the Special Editions are made from fabrics of which I have a limited, unrepeatable supply. I have chosen to call them 'Special' editions rather that 'Limited' because it is not easy to predict how many items I can make out of a piece of fabric - I often make two or three different outfits from a special piece of fabric, and prefer not to cut it all out at once. I also use an embroidery machine to enhance some of the outfits in the 'Special Editions' range.

Please remember that Dollydoodles clothing for Sashas and Gregors is made with adult collectors in mind and may contain parts which make them unsuitable playthings for young children.






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