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Last updated: 14th June 2014


Important Announcement!

I am very proud to announce that my husband, Roger, has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list this morning, for services to Education. Using the formal style of today's London Gazette, 'The Queen has been graciously pleased to give an order for Roger's appointment as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.' I have known of the nomination for some time, but had to keep it secret from my husband. He knew nothing about it until a few weeks ago when a letter arrived from the Cabinet Office, although it had to be kept confidential until today's official announcement. The nomination cites his long career as a teacher and lately headteacher with specific focus on his tireless provision of sport and other opportunities for so many children over many years, including Sutton Borough and Surrey County under-11 football. Under his leadership as headteacher, his school achieved Beacon status and was awarded two consecutive 'Outstanding' Ofsted ratings. Needless to say, we are all very, very proud of him and are looking forward to the autumn when the four of us will go to Buckingham Palace where he will receive his OBE from the Queen or another member of the Royal Family. Looks like I shall be needing a new hat!



Welcome to the Dollydoodles website, where you will find a variety of outfits which have been specially made for Sasha and Gregor dolls.

Although some of the Sasha dolls are around fifty years old, my designs are influenced by what young children are wearing today. Dollydoodles outfits are unique as they are made from my own patterns, from scratch, and I try out and change each new design until it is a perfect fit. I work predominantly with cotton jersey fabrics. All fabrics are new and seams are neatened with matching thread, although there are exceptions as sometimes, stretch fabrics are best left alone as they don't fray and neatening will distort the outfit. Dollydoodles is just me, with my trusty sewing machine, so my output is limited and for this reason, I cannot undertake commissions or special orders. All items bear a Dollydoodles label and can only be bought new from this website.

I have divided Dollydoodles outfits into two ranges - the Special Editions and the Basics - so please make sure you look at both pages! Items in the Basics range are often repeated, but the Special Editions are made from fabrics of which I have a limited, unrepeatable supply. I have chosen to call them 'Special' editions rather that 'Limited' because it is not easy to predict how many items I can make out of a piece of fabric - I often make two or three different outfits from a special piece of fabric, and prefer not to cut it all out at once. I also use an embroidery machine to enhance some of the outfits in the 'Special Editions' range.

Please remember that Dollydoodles clothing for Sashas and Gregors is made with adult collectors in mind and may contain parts which make them unsuitable playthings for young children.


To purchase any of the outfits, please email me on info@dollydoodles.co.uk
Please wait for me to send you a Paypal invoice if your order is accepted (in other words, the item is not already sold!), as if you send a direct payment, Paypal does not send your address, which will cause a delay in posting.    


Yes, I'm back, but only on the Special Editions page for the time being. Thank you all for your kind wishes and support over the past few months and thank you for your patience. I know from the website stats counter that there has been a steady number of you who have loyally visited the website on a daily basis (although I must add that the stats info does not tell me who you are or give any other details - just the number of visits).                                                                          

Having had a break from the website, I've had time to readjust to life and to remind myself that the website is just a hobby and that there are other things to do in life as well. Some of these are things I've been putting off until retirement, but now I have no excuses so they have to be done, and some are things that I enjoyed doing pre-Sasha, particularly gardening, and especially my allotment which had become more and more neglected over the last year or so. I've had my plot for 11 years, before it became fashionable, and it was covered in weeds and brambles when I took it over, surviving vandalism along the way, so it was hard to watch it quickly returning to a derelict state after all my hard work. Also, with the increased demand for allotments, I ran the risk of being evicted! There's still a long way to go before it's back to its former glory, but I'm making progress. Below are some photos to show you what goes on. Not 'befores' or 'afters' - just work in progress. These dolls have a lot to answer for!



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